Photographical archives are as important to a nation as individual memory is to each of us. They provide a basis for the proper understanding of our past; a connection to history which is particularly pertinent in South Africa as we are able to gather information and bear testimony to the birth and development of our new democratic society.

PAPA’s vision is not only to identify, collect, preserve, secure and safeguard a visual record significant to the history and present-day culture of South Africa, but also to provide the public, scholars, local historians, journalists, documentary filmmakers and other research Institutes with an access to information that can contribute further to the knowledge, and education, derived from this documentation of unique moments.

Private archives such as PAPA play a vital role in providing a special resource for dealing with the social memory of our nation and fostering a national identity.  As a custodian that provides us with information about our past, PAPA will develop and implement tools and techniques to address and promote education by facilitating the historical understanding of our national experience.



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Gavin Furlonger - Owner and founder of PAPA SA and Gallery F

Gavin Furlonger - Owner and founder of PAPA SA and Gallery F